Mercury-Atlas 1

Mission Failed

Mercury-Redstone 1

Mission Scrubbed

Mercury-Redstone 1A

Lt. Wayne Koons

Capt. Allen K. Daniel, Jr.

Mercury-Redstone 2

 First Lieutenant John A. Hellriegel (or Hellridger)

1st Lt. George F. Cox

Mercury-Atlas 2

First Lieutenant Wayne E. Koons?

 Captain Allen [Al] K. Daniel?

Mercury-Atlas 3

Mission Failed

Mercury-Redstone 3

 First Lieutenant Wayne E. Koons

George F. Cox

Mercury-Redstone 4

Phillip Upschutte

George F. Cox1

Mercury-Atlas 4      
Mercury-Atlas 5      
Mercury-Atlas 6      
Mercury-Atlas 7

Cdr. J. M. Wondergrem

Lt. ig. W. Shufelt

Mercury-Atlas 8      
Mercury-Atlas 9

Mead Massa

Lt G. Dubois2

Gemini 1      
Gemini 2

Lt. Donald Coolican

Gemini 3

LCdr. Warren H. Winchester

Lt. ig. J. R. Walker

1st - AX3 J. Kerivan
2nd - J. D. Hightower

Gemini 4

Cdr. Clarence O. Fiske

 Lt. Douglas C Bullard

Gemini 5

 Cdr. Fred Highsmith

Gemini 6

Mission Scrubbed

Gemini 6A

Cdr. J. M. Pearigen

LCdr. Wm. P. Newton, USNR

Gemini 7

Cdr. Norman H. McLaughlin

 Lt. ig. Jack R. Faro

Chief ASW Tech Thos. E. Jacobs

Gemini 8      
Gemini 9A      
Gemini 10

LCdr. Bruce S. Fleming

Lt. ig. James L. Stewart

1st - Petty Off. John S. Alman
2nd - Warren R. Watkins

Gemini 11

Lt. Arthur G Doege

Lt. Herman D. Rotsch

1st - Robert. L. Brough
2nd -  Donald Scarborough

Gemini 12

LCdr. Sam Aydelotte






Apollo 201

 Cdr. C. N. Tilton



Apollo 203  



Apollo 202  



Apollo 1 (Fire)




Apollo 4  



Apollo 5  



Apollo 6  



Apollo 7

Cdr. E. A. Skube



Apollo 8

Cdr. Donald S. Jones

Carl Frank3

1st - Norvel L.Wood3
2nd - James B.Dorsey3

Apollo 9

Cdr. G.M. Rankin



Apollo 10

Cdr. Charles (Chuck) B. Smiley
(Recovery 3)

Lt. J. (Scotty) S. Walker

1st - Ralph. G. Slider

Apollo 11e

Cdr. Donald S. Jones

Lt. jg. Bruce Johnson

1st - Norvel L. Wood
2nd - Stanley G. Robnett

Apollo 12

Cdr. Warren E. Aut

Glenn A. Casey

1st - Kenny V. Cunningham
2nd - Abram Dominquez

Apollo 13

Cdr. C. B. Smiley

D. G. McCarthy

1st - Ralph G. Slider

Apollo 14

Cdr.W. E. Walker


Apollo 15

Cdr. S. A. Coakley

Lt John Murphy

1st - Ernest L. Skeen?
2nd - Thomas R. Handerleigh?

Apollo 16

Cdr. Arnie Fieser

Jon S. Gregory?

Apollo 17

Cdr. E.(Ted) E. Dahill III

Lt. Dan Mahoney

1st - C. J. Delaney
2nd - V. J. Wirandy?

Skylab 1


Skylab 24

Cdr. Arnie Fieser

Ltjg. Doug Yesensky

1st - ADJ 1 John Edel
2nd - AT 2 Walt Pinkston
3rd - AMS 3 Arther Goltz

Skylab 3

 Cdr. E.(Ted) E. Dahill III


Skylab 4

 Cdr. Bud Packington

John H. Winter

1st - Danny E Porter?


Cdr. A. E. Pellerin III

Jack Thompson

1st - Vern Bender
2nd - Bob Coyell?

1) Jim Lewis & John Rinehart - Piloted the aborted attempt to recover the capsule
2) USS Kearsarge cruise book 1963 thanks to Timothy Preston
3) Thanks to Gerard Spenkelink
4) Thanks to John Edel

b) correspondence with Dennis Dilman
c) signed Recovery Ship covers from personal collection
d) Captain's covers
e) See Apollo 11 Astronaut Recovery Teams for full information on the various Recovery teams thanks to Bob Fish of the USS Hornet Museum.

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